If I Knew Then by Elizabeth Galit

Friday, October 28, 2016

If I Knew Then is a light romance with a twist of mystery. A fast pace development of love between Rafa and Nicole was something I never want to happen if I was in a relationship, but then the story got me excited as I flipped pages over and over, the fast pace thing was justified and the answers to my inquiries transpired and satisfied  Rafa's act, being an asshole,  in the tiny bit part of the story, but all in all he's so sweet, and sexy. And the best ever awesome grandson to Josefita, so I really love him na. 😂


Nicole Alcaraz is a wtf! She fell in love too quickly with Rafa, but who wouldn't be? 
Rafa Argota is...
a Latino
a chef
a man with abs
a bilingual
a sweet grandson, best ever. ❤️

I love unrequited love, that's why it melts my heart knowing that Rafa's grandma experienced such. I hope the author will write a story of Josefita and Miguel Antonio, that Fita was never unloved. Huhuhu. Please...

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