Lost until He found me

Friday, June 5, 2020

Are you still lost?

I was lost until He found me. I am found. No longer lost. And from my journey of finding Him, He instead found me. I am grateful to be able to publish another poetry book. I intend that this book may glorify my God, the One who found me again. This is for Him. All for Him. For those who feel lost just like I was, may you find Him and be found by Him. He is your Shepherd, if you are lost He will definitely come and find you. May you be victorious in fighting your battles, just like I did. With Him all things are possible. May you also develop a personal relationship with Him. Know Him more, know Him better. 

A little teaser from the book:

You can't stop me.
I will keep on moving forward.
You can't shut me out.
I will let my voice out.
You can't tell me what I am.
You have no right anyway.
I am what I am.
That's the truth you can never change.

I pray that this book may inspire others never to give up. I pray that you will endure all your struggles and overcome them. If you feel less, don't be. You are worth more than you can ever imagine. He redeemed us and paid the most expensive debt one can ever have. He loves you. Come to Him if you feel weary and burdened, He will give you rest. Peace and joy will overflow in your life. You are loved. So don't give up!  

If you want to take a chance on this book, you may get it through Amazon for an e-book copy or at Shopee for a print copy. 

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