Boy Meets Girl, But When Will My Turn Come?

Monday, June 21, 2021

If I'll be honest, this book definitely got tons of tears from me. It is not about a drama, but this book made me realized of the wrong things this I have been doing and worldly perspective of being in a relationship. It hurts a little, but really I must say it hurts so much to be convicted of how wrong I was in the past. I was self-centered and wanted a relationship that was centered on me. I imagined a very unhealthy and ungodly relationship. I was always looking for the wrong kind of relationship which thankfully never transpired or even migrated to the next level. I now consider those unfruitful longing as God's way of protecting me from the worst.

Boy Meets Girl: Say Hello to Courtship by Joshua Harris is a self-help Christian book about dating and relationships. It is a pre-loved book I got from my co-teacher who persistently asked me to buy the book along with other titles, and I am so glad I gave in to her and bought them. She even lured me by saying that if I buy those books I would be able to get a partner right away and I knew that she was just bluffing, and honest to goodness, I didn't give in to her because of that (hehe). I just genuinely like to get the books even though I was hesitant at first since I just recently bought a few titles from NBS Sale at that time, so I was trying to cut my expenses with book buying and didn't want to got beyond the budget.

So again, as I mentioned I am happy to have this book and finally read it since I have always been curios about this title because I have seen it many times from some of the book themed group page on Facebook. Unlike any other books that I sell after reading them, this one is for keeps I have no intention of selling it even thought it has some misprints particularly on chapter 7, there are two chapter 7 in this edition. But if I get to buy a better edition then I might change my mind. 

Boy meets girl, but when will my turn come? Hmm... I no longer dwell so much on that question these past few years. I learned from my D-Group leader to pray for it, to pray for him, if he is part of God's plan in my life. I even prayed that if it isn't His will, please remove or take away this desire in my heart, but guess what He hasn't. I already surrender this to the Lord and through His grace I try to live a life that is glorifying to His name and I am still trying until now. I desire to have a relationship that is wholly God-centered. I may doubt my faith in Him sometimes, but He remains faithful. 

"God's way really is best. His timing is perfect. Waiting on Him is more than worth it. Honoring Him and practicing His principles as you walk the path to marriage will lead you to the greatest joy and fulfillment." ~Boy Meets Girl by Joshua Harris


Page 211 got me sobbing and reflecting hard, and I was greatly reminded of God's love and grace. I super recommend this book. It offers a holistic approach to dating and relationship and covers everything you need to know before getting ahead of yourself if you are "under the influence".

Read this book and tell me what you think, I would love to hear your thoughts.

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