Jujutsu Kaisen makes GojoHime a Canon (Onegaishimasu...)

Monday, June 28, 2021

I just finished another series. 

Jujutsu Kaisen is an anime series based on a manga by Gege Akutami. Attack On Titan Season 4 led me here. They are both produced by Mappa Studio. I like the style of the characters I mean who wouldn't. (hehe) So, as I watched the series I learned that Jujutsu Kaisen is translated in English as Sorcery Fight.

I was hesitant to take a chance on this series since it has a violent theme and a lot of fight scenes are to be expected that's why I withdrew from watching JJK right away after finishing the season of AOT. After a month or two have passed, I finally had the courage to watch Jujutsu Kaisen. I had a high expectation for JJK since I heard and read a lot of raving about it, and again I repeat, the graphic style of the characters really got me at first sight. Just like many of us, if not all, I must say that Gojo Satoru did all the luring. He expectantly charmed the anime fans into watching Jujutsu Kaisen. (haha)

I haven't read the manga, and I am never planning to. I guess I'll stick to its anime series for now, and wait for the second season since the author is on hiatus. 

Jujutsu Kaisen falls under the genre of adventure, dark fantasy, and supernatural, I decided to prepare my heart and mind, and it is a good decision I made. There are a lot of fight scenes in JJK and deaths are something that is unavoidable. Heartbreaking as it is, it is a reality that humans have to reconcile with; be it in your favorite story or in real life. But still, it is difficult for me to move on whenever someone has to say goodbye in the series. There are also hilarious scenes in the series which I think balance the morbidity a little.

Mappa Studio never fails to amaze me with their production. The fight scenes were incredibly and smoothly executed. It felt eerie watching the fight scenes and your heart won't be able to rest. It is a good anime to watch if you prefer this kind of genre, but if not please pass on this one.

This is not a romance-themed story and I am aware of that, but I just can't help to notice the chemistry and possible budding of romance between Iori Utahime and Gojo Satoru. If you have watched or you are planning to watch the series I am sure that you will notice it too. I totally ship them. They can be a canon, soon. (hehe)

Canon or Fanon?

Have you watched or are you planning to watch JJK? Share your thoughts. 

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