Sweet Home is not your typical Home Sweet Home

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Sweet Home may sound blissful and romantic, but don't be fooled by its sweet title. I have watched this Korean TV series a month ago, and I was supposed to blog a review about it and things just happened again and days passed by and I neglected this space. I intended to keep me (and you) posted on my blog, but I failed again. However, I am back with another post about this Korean TV series, Sweet Home.

It is a show with an apocalyptic horror action-packed plot. A group of people are trapped in an apartment building and one of them is the main protagonist Cha Hyun-Soo who is a suicidal high school student. The residents of the building are confused and fear ensues within them. They are desperate to get out of the building, but it does not take them longer to realize that it is not safe to outside. Their surrounding is pestered by monsters who eats humans.

Hyun-Soo gets infected with the virus which turns humans into monsters that later on enable him to gain power and use it to save the good and some twistedly wicked human beings who are trapped with him. The horror of seeing monsters in the human form is frightening and brings a realization of how far we can go just to entertain our own interest and human desire.  

When it comes to the graphics, they are undeniably horrifyingly beautiful. I mean the production team behind this series did an excellent job in giving the audience a realistic cinematography, and the actors effectively engaged the audience by how they played the characters. They just get through me. I am still looking forward to season two, but there is no news about it until now. Let's all hope that a sequel is already under planning. 

If you haven't watched this, I suggest you give a try and maybe you can tell me whether you like it as much as I did, or maybe not. Either way, let's engage. :)

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