How to be a Good Money Maker?

Saturday, February 19, 2022

I once read in a literary piece, which I can't even remember the title or story, that money is the root of all evil and I used to agree and support this notion, that it was a fact. People fight because of money. A person gets killed because of money. There is hunger and poverty because of money. Etc. etc. etc. All these bad and sad things happen because of this thing or tool called MONEY. 

But now there is a shift in how I perceive money. Money is good. But it is love for money that tends to invite the evil and filth of the world into our lives. 

For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.

I read this little book written by Ed Lapiz entitled Keep Making Money. It gives Biblical advice and tips in the aspect of finance. It greatly affirms the goodness of money if earn and spend righteously as prescribed by the Scriptures, specifically from the book of Proverbs, chapter 31. 

The book contains two parts: The Profile of a Good Money Maker and The Lifestyle of a Good Money Maker. The author, Ed Lapiz, listed down the qualities of a good money maker in the book. 

Lapiz gives us 12 qualities that should be apparent and included in the Profile of a Good Money Maker, and they are enumerated as follow:

  1. A good money maker works with her own hands.
  2. A good money maker produces what she needs. 
  3. A good money maker produces surplus goods to sell.
  4. A good money maker knows what and when to buy.
  5. A good money maker trades.
  6. A good money maker works hard.
  7. A good money maker is positive.
  8. A good money maker speaks sensibly.
  9. A good money maker gives to people.
  10. A good money maker gives to and pays the deserving.
  11. A good money maker lets her workers rest. 
  12. A good money maker gives to God.

These qualities struck me the most from this book. They are both practical and definitely spiritual. There is such thing as God's economy and it works very differently in the world's economy we are involuntarily or voluntarily has been living and immersing with since immemorial time. Never have I thought that earning and spending or giving and receiving money can be a spiritual endeavor of any human being, if not for God's provision of wisdom in my journey in this world. 

We must have the right perspective about money. Sometimes money isn't just cash or coins we all have in our pockets or wallets, it could be our talents, skills, or services we can offer. As Lapiz mentioned in the book "money" can be anything or currency you could give to people in exchange for what they give you or what they do for you.

Lapiz also commented on the lifestyle of a good money maker. It is a lifestyle having a house that will contain great treasure, may it be literally or figuratively, and a comfortable, secure and cheerful life. Indeed, making money has never been this good and spiritually satisfying. 

Furthermore, this book leads me to these questions: 

  • Am I a good money maker? 
  • Is it evident in my lifestyle? 
  • Do I possess the qualities in the profile of a good money maker?

Sometimes, if not always, we have to examine ourselves if we already succumb to our sinful love affair with money. We have to keep in heart, soul, and mind that love for money will keep us away from Him, and that is something we never ever want to happen.

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