Why Jesus, And Why Not?!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

I believe in God, that truth that He sent Jesus His only son to save us from death and eternal damnation. But that knowledge alone didn't help me fully understand the gravity of this massive demonstration of love (John 3:16). I couldn't fully appreciate the role of Jesus in this war against the evil forces in the spiritual realm. This might sound superficial and crazy but this battle could not be any more real than it is. I was at bay and didn't want to be considered by others as a fanatic and too proud to approach a God I never got to know up close and personal. I was doing fine and sourcing my strength and power to continue living from the negative emotions and feelings I harbored as I grew up. 

I thought the path I headed was "okay" since everyone seemed to be going in that direction. They just go with the flow of the rotten system. It doesn't matter if something is wrong, it doesn't matter if they talk about people behind their back, it doesn't matter if they say hurtful and insulting words as long they have the fun and pleasure of it, it doesn't matter if they step on others just to enhance their own image and a lot more things that I thought and was foolishly convinced that doesn't really matter.

My resistance didn't take long and eventually went with the flow. I thought it would be easier if I do what others do, but it only gave me a hard time. I kept on rejecting the system no matter how much I tried to embrace it. I had a hard time and was left conflicted, lost to who I am and how should I really deal with the world. 

Lost, I was in need of direction, like a compass that would tell me where to go or what to do. All my plans for my career, dreams, family, my life as a whole were for naught. Everything was in vain as I recognized the dirt inside me that almost ate me up alive, swallow me whole and spit me in the deepest and darkest pit of hell. I was drowning. I was alive but barely breathing. I was in dire need of salvation from my sin and worst from myself. I was like a ticking bomb ready and wanting to explode in a split second. Self-destruction was just around the corner. Everything didn't make sense. I wanted to see the end of my worthless, shameful, and sinful life. 

So here comes the question: why Jesus? Does he have anything to do with my life or with your life? Just who really is He? What's the big deal about Him? Maybe, these are just some of the questions you have in mind. Or if you already received the answers, praise God if that is the case. But if you are still searching and seeking the answers to these questions, then these are just some answers you might need right now. The book Why Jesus? tells us the need to have Jesus in our lives. The author Nicky Gumbel enumerates three reasons why Him, why Jesus:
  1. He satisfies our hunger for meaning and purpose in life
  2. He satisfies our hunger for life beyond death
  3. He satisfies our hunger for forgiveness

So again why Jesus for me, and for you too...

BECAUSE He gave me an opportunity to make a restart (2 Corinthians 5:17). He died on the cross and took all the guilt and shame (Romans 5:8). He defeated death so we can have eternity with and through Him (2 Timothy 1:10). And more wisdom and encounter to bless you and me as we journey and develop that personal and intimate relationship with Him... <3

And why not really? What better reasons do you have for you not to put your faith in Him? Nada.

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