New Book Alert: Undeserved Grace by Moi

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

In case you missed it. 

I have a new book. For those who know me and wonder if I still do this kind of thing, the answer is yes, aside from teaching, I still write and try my best to come up with a collection or story every year. My prayer is to continue doing this for years to come since it is one of my dreams to be a writer. I am not a famous writer or one who receives royalties every month, I am not. Now, I write hoping it can help or inspire someone to keep moving forward all by His grace. My objective in writing evolved as I moved on with God in life before I wanted to write because I had a lot in my mind, heart, and soul; I must let them all out, I needed to, or else it would be the end of me. But that was before. I am beyond grateful and thankful to God for giving and blessing me with this medium to empower and encourage individuals, especially the young ones. 

Here we are, another book from me all through His grace, the Undeserved Grace, my thirteenth (13th) published book. I offer it in digital format. Interested individuals may avail of a copy from this website, in the FreedomJoyFaithShop section. For only 100 Philippine pesos you will have an e-book copy of my latest work. I published it last December 2022. It is in the English language and only has 21 pages. 
I still wonder did you ever feel sorry when you said you are sorry.
You appeared on and off in my space and time.
I knew there was something odd but I brushed it off.
Told myself, to be content at least he replied or sent you letters.
Settle for that because you've got nothing else.
I even forgot for a moment I have everything I need, everything I love, of course, minus you in my life.
I was blinded for a moment.
Pained and hurt for a moment.
But God shed the light once again like he always did.
He showed me the truth.
My prayers were never in vain.
He answered them faithfully.
I was kept in the darkness for a moment thinking about why I wasn't enough.
He revealed the truth and freed me from your lies.
You tried to cancel me. Were you scared? I wonder.
I still forgive you even if you don't ask for it.
And I'm still glad I met you even if the feelings were never mutual.


Undeserved Grace is about a girl who pursued a guy who ended up hating her, and how she found God's grace again in that experience as she wondered what went wrong. Written in verses and stanzas, I tried to arrange the poems coherently, all by myself. I hope this book will inspire you to keep on holding on and never give up in life. Whenever you are tired, you can always rest in His presence. There is assurance in His presence. There is clarity in His presence. Even though there are uncertainties that surround us, our God is the assurance and clarity that we all need. God is overflowing with grace. He abounds in grace for we are saved by grace alone. 

"For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith -- and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God" 
Ephesians 2:8

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