A New Year in New Places

Saturday, January 6, 2024

FL was great! I was blessed even when my friend's aunt and uncle drove us all the way to South Carolina. We were beyond grateful to them for spending Christmas with us. They have been in the US for decades.

Spending holidays away from home truly makes someone emotional. I thought it just happened in the movies or tv shows, but it was real. So real, I missed home. 

Walterboro Downtown

My friend's housemate toured us around the Walterboro Downtown. It felt so vintage and classy. It felt like a mini theme park, but it is actually an old business center. Some stores were thriving and some weren't anymore. 

Anywhere and everywhere you look appears to be aesthetic and historic. 

Walterboro Wildlife Sanctuary

A tour in a wildlife park ended our first day in Walterboro, South Carolina. It impressed a creepy atmosphere at first since we went there in the afternoon already. I thought the place was scary and a wild animal might suddenly appear on the path walk or a serial killer hid in the forest. I had those extreme thoughts but as we entered the sanctuary seemed more relevant and inviting. It was a literal and figurative sanctuary. The park with all its forestry demonstrated security and peace for the animals and human beings. It is a fortress.

Charleston Downtown

The downtown in Charleston was something I didn't expect and something that shouldn't surprise me. It felt like I entered a time machine. The place screams royalty, class, kings, queens, princes, and princesses. The structures are all well preserved. The place turned into a shopping district of high end brands I couldn't afford. (Haha)

Charleston Downtown felt surreal and magical. 

Angel Oak Tree

Angel Oak Tree is a historical landmark in Charleston, South Carolina. It is a 400 year old oak tree. I thought it was just an ordinary tree on our way to its location. I was in awe when I encountered the humongous tree face to face. It wouldn't be called a historical landmark for no reason, a tourist destination you shouldn't miss. 

Waffle House 

The Classic waffle of Waffle House is one of the tastiest foods I have tried in SC. It was simple yet tasteful, just the way I wanted it. The place imbibed the concept of old American restaurants like the ones I saw in the movies. My friend's housemate boasted of its goodness and savory taste. Waffle House is a food chain all over the US. Their steak sandwich didn't disappoint me, the meat is juicy and tender. Chocolate milk brought me to nostalgia as I remembered my favorite chocolate milk drink back home. 

SC is a green place especially in Walterboro. There are tall trees all over the place. It is a peaceful little town to fall in love with once you visit the place. It is a peaceful place and may the true peace be always with us!

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