Addicted to ML, are you?

Friday, September 9, 2022

How does ML affect me so far? 
For some of you who doesn't know ML,  it is a popular online mobile game nowadays that is well loved and enjoyed by youngsters as well as by adults. 

During the 2-year CoVid-19 pandemic, I avoided playing the game since I couldn't seem to get the ins and outs of it, so I decided to stop and uninstall the app. I thought it was a waste of memory on my phone. The bottom line is I didn't know how to play the characters that's why I stop. 

Fast forward to 2022, I finally learned how to play the game even just a little. In victory and defeat!

For the past five months, I am consistently playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Oh, what a waste of time, some people might say. Maybe, yes. Maybe, no. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Maybe, I am addicted to ML, probably. The goal is to raise my rank. What a noble and priceless objective!

When I was just in Master and Grandmaster rank, I so wanted to reach the Epic level. It took me a month, during vacation to be exact, to finally reach the Epic rank. So what? Did my life got any better because I achieved that rank? The answer is no, but there is a big YES. It brought happiness when the game is played moderately. It connects people of all ages. It is fun, fulfilling, and satisfying game. It develops relationship, even fellowship if played in moderation.

Playing ML can be quite frustrating, especially for a beginner. There is a lot to learn about heroes, skills, builds, skins, and more and more. It was overwhelming at first and confusing as well, but if you have a good group of friends who are willing to teach you and patiently explain the essential details, then everything is a lot easier and a lot better. But do expect some harsh words in the game, as much as there is good vibes, there is also some bad vibes. It's either they get on your nerves or you get on their nerves, either way play it nice. Never give a remark that is below the belt, that is not fair and never pleasant. Play it nice, always.

Up until now, I want to raise my rank. Next goal is Legend and it is difficult. I persist on playing the game, and maybe next vacation, I will be able to make it on Legend rank. That's the spirit!

So far, I am enjoying the game. It brings good vibes from time to time in a once boring atmosphere. It is fun. So much fun, but again can be frustrating sometimes due to lose streak or an encounter of negative player during the in-game. Just be mindful and careful. Play and slay!

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