Biking-biking or Banking-banking: Which is which?

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Biking-biking or banking-banking, which is which? 

Biking seems to be a fun idea for those who enjoy strolling around and exercising at the same time. As well as a good alternative of transportation for those who consider themselves eco-friendly citizens of the earth, provided that there is a shower area at their destination. Biking as we all know can be sweaty, one can perspire a lot; whether, in a gloomy or hot sky, sweat will always be there.  

Strolling on a bike is also an exercise, which I decided to do so since I felt breathless for the past weeks since face-to-face classes started. Going to the gym is an option but I am short on a budget, so biking is a go since I have my MTB getting stuck at home and it is much better to put it in use instead of letting it rust and turns old without putting it in good use. 

Banking-banking, on the other hand, is a made-up term I heard from my friends slash workmates. It is a humorous name they use for a boyfriend and girlfriend's road trips on a motorcycle, where the guy drives and the girl hugs her boyfriend from behind in the fast lane while doing an angle drift on a wide road. That is the extent of my imagination about the banking-banking thing. For quite a while, motorcycles depict danger on my part, whenever I see them on the road, they just move too fast and always want to get ahead of the others, like it is always a race, a very dangerous race. Nevertheless, using a motorcycle is beneficial for many it is convenient and practical for some. 

Biking-biking is a term I came up with to counter banking-banking. Well, biking-biking appeals more like a friendly road trip across genders and relationships. Whether you are solo, in a duo, or group, biking is satisfying and breathtaking. My panting for the past weeks, whenever I climbed stairs at school, is not that persistent anymore since I started biking again. It helps. I am trying to be consistent in biking to lessen or totally diminish my exhaustion from exertion to breathe whenever I walk or climb a short distance. So whenever I get the chance to bike I so get it!

Strolling on a wide road on a bike is a pleasant experience, a street free of other road users is a dream! An impossible one! I seldom see some lady bikers around the area I go to for biking. Where are they? Happy or sad, let's go biking-biking!

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