When Everything Seems Uncertain, Plant Hope

Sunday, October 16, 2022

There is nothing certain in life. And in the world, we live in, the happiness you feel right now may eventually turn into sadness. Or it could be that one minute you're sad then the other you're happy. How exciting life really is! I wonder if God, who is in control of everything intended it to be that way. The roller coaster ride we get to experience in life is an invigorating adventure we must all live to the fullest. 

Humbled by the knowledge of the One True God and His supreme sovereignty, I am in awe of His majestic and grand plan for those who love, obey, and put their faith in Him. Living a life that abides in Him alone is a difficult rocky road we can all trudge on only through Him and in Him. 

There is fear every time we face uncertainty in life. We lose hope and all the rationality we have mustered throughout our lives when worries and disappointments confront us face-to-face, upfront, and unapologetic. We feel defeated, discarded, unwanted, and worst, unworthy.

When hope is nowhere to be found, where do you look? Who do you seek? To whom do you turn? The answer is we turn to Him, to the One True Hope we can all put our faith with confidence and certainty. To the One who is the sufficient and limitless source of the truest form of hope. Jesus. The only hope that we all need. Pain, hardships, and rejection will always be there, they are part of the so-called life we all try to pass through victoriously. 

May God help us to plant hope in the weary hearts of those who thirst for peace, truth, and the perfect form of true love. Share the good news of salvation. 
Always plant hope, when everything seems uncertain. 

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