Work Matters and So Are You

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Work matters so are you. Life is work. The work itself is work. I am not just talking about the 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. work time or whatever required duration of time your company or employer wants to see on the log. It is more than an employee-employer contract work kind of thing. 

Work is a gift from God. It is a blessing. When I was a student, I used to look at work as a resource which is really the entirety of its value in the human economy. Once I have work I can buy, I can do what I want.

Then, I graduated from a state university with a degree, they say it is a ticket to a better job and good life. I got hired and the salary was getting us by. I was grateful I had that job but I kept on searching for a stable job where I could get a better paycheck. 

Three years after graduating from college, I did get a stable job with a decent paycheck. I was happy for myself and my family. I dream of the best life for my parents and sister. I want the best for them, and for myself, life has to offer. 

During my first few years in my stable job with a decent paycheck, the dream job started to be a burden. At some point, I felt ungrateful. The work became a cross I had to carry like it was some sort of punishment, and I did not like what I felt about my work. The joy of doing it got lost along the way. The passion and dreams I once had for my work were nowhere to be found during the first five years in my job.

The purpose of the job was a source of money so we could buy our basic needs. A resource to get us by in our everyday needs. I was able to get what I wanted, oh yes I did. After getting my wants, I was happy, but it was only temporary. It never lasted and my wants were never satisfied. 

We were just surviving and we were barely living.   

I wanted to find the joy and spark in my work. I did not want to go on doing what I did feeling it was a burden I completely wanted to put off my shoulder. I wanted to carry the burden with joy and hope that even though things got hard everything would be alright at the end of the day. I sought that joy and spark in my work. 

There was something lacking in my work, that was why I was not satisfied or seeing the value of my work. Do you have any guesses as to where I found it? 

I found it in God. Cliche as it sounds or superficial as it is, I cannot deny that reality in my life. He made my life brand new. He refreshes my soul as I get to know Him more and more. I have found not only the joy and spark but also the purpose of my life, and why I do what I do.

Ahead is not an easy road. Unpredictable things may happen along the way, and work might feel like a burden big time. I can only pray and hope for you and me that get to see the worth and value of our work through God's perspective. That our work is part of His good plan in our lives. 

Work can get hard and annoying sometimes, and this book I just read entitled, Work Matters, serves as one of the many reminders, I get from God that I even brought it here in my new workplace. I would also like to remind you that more than work God cares for your first, your well-being. He wants to be purposeful, joyful, and hopeful with the work He assigns to us. 

Our God-given work matters and so you are, first and foremost. Whenever you feel tired and drained from your job, come to Him and you will find rest. 

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