Little Woman in a Little Forest with a Little Dream

Saturday, October 21, 2023

It was the long weekend I so looked forward to. I did not plan to be grand. Staying at home was the first thing I had in mind when I learned that there would be a long weekend in our district this October. Giddy and excited, the meaningful and purposeful days passed by in almost three weeks. I listed down in my journal the things I needed to accomplish. I started my to-do list and was successful with some of them.

Watching movies and series is one of the hobbies I get to enjoy ever since I was a child, yet that joy seems nowhere to be found now. I have been wandering and looking for a movie or series that can bring back the spark and joy in watching cinematic art. 

My wandering in the land of streaming and binging brought me to Tubi, an on demand video streaming app. The shows on Tubi appeal to my interest. 

The South Korean movie 'Little Forest' caught my attention and awakened the dormant joy I had whenever I watch a movie. 

The female lead was a familiar sight. Cute was the first word I would describe her. Her whole demeanor was a breath of fresh air.

The changing season in a small rural area in South Korea is like bringing colors to the black and white scenery of life. 

The cold winter comes with sadness whereas a blooming spring brings hues of hope to the loneliness of the little woman. The summer heat pricks the skin of ignorance from the fickle-minded little woman. The falling autumn journeys with the wind as it goes along to the course of life and suffering. 

Time makes the seasons change. Time makes little dreams come true. How time works is simple, yet the most difficult to understand with just our feeble human minds, without wisdom it is impossible.

The Little Forest is me, or maybe you. 

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